President of the Jury Award

Whispering Onion

Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Porky is cooking in his kitchen when he hears a strange whispering. He soon realizes it is coming from the onion! He is then transported to Onion world, where he discovers the source of the whispering.

Director Akari Hiraoka

Director's statement

"I was surprised when I chopped an onion because I cried, and the smell lingered on my hand for ages, like a curse. Also, Before I never thought about what I was eating. It was just food. After I met vegetarians in the UK, I stopped and thought about where the food I ate came from. I still eat meat but with more thankfulness for animals and the nutrients they give. This is my thinking but it’s not the same for everyone. I made this film for people to ask themselves that question 'where do these foods come from?'

My interest has been with animating since primary school. I love to create my own characters and always wanted them to come to life and make people happy. Animation can make this possible, they do not exist in the real world, but I can make them look alive through my animation.


Written and directed by Akari Hiraoka
Producer Jess Bolam
Animators Akari Hiraoka
Achille Ketelsen
Laurence Folkes-Skinner
Louis O’Shea
Mai Owada


Original title Whispering Onion
Runinig time 04'
Film type Animation
Completion date May, 2018