Dayless Days

by Mark Lazatin / Polytechnic University of the Philippines


Benjamin was known for being the most bubbly and happiest student in his college. He never knew pain, and he doesn't know sorrow — as if everyday was a wonderful day — until COVID -19 pandemic has begun. As day passes by, Benj suddenly felt the feelings he never had before. Sadness. He kept making himself busy everyday, but after that, he always find himself crying to sleep.

Director's statement

This film serves as a reminder for everyone that smiling everytime doesn't mean that you are really happy. Quarantine didn't only made us feel sick. It also made us feel things. Feelings that we don't want to feel.

This quarantine, check on your friends. Not all of them are still fine. Some of them are broken. Some of them needs someone. Some of them needs you. Help them be themselves.

Do not hide. Break the facade.


Writer, director
Mark Lazatin


Original title Dayless Days
Runinig time 6'
Film type Fiction
Country Philippines
Completion date April 23, 2020