Early Bird 2019 President of the Jury Award

Kincső Blénesi - leading actress of Casting

University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest, Hungary


The 18-year-old Julia lives in a poor mining town with her brother. One day she tries her luck at a modell casting in the hope of starting a new life abroad. However during the casting it turns out that they are looking for porn actresses. Unexpectedly Julia finds herself in a situation where her decency is endangered.

Actress: Kincső Blénesi

Actress' bio

Kincsö Blénesi is an actress and writer, known for Casting (2019) and There are places... (2018). Studied Theatre and Television at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Director: Sándor Csoma

Director's bio

Sándor Csoma was born in 1985. He obtained a Master’s Degree from the Budapest Metropolitan University as a motion picture artist and earned an MA also from the University of Theatre and Film Arts as a director in Budapest, 2018.


Writer and director Sándor Csoma
Cinematography István Balázs Balázs
Music Csaba Kalotás
Editing Dániel Márton


Original title Casting
Runinig time 28'
Film type Fiction
Completion date January, 2019