School Contest

Since 2016 the Early Bird ISFF organizes a school film contest. Its main goal is to find and support future filmmakers from the secondary schools in Bulgaria.


Despite its short history, the competition has enjoyed increasing interest. In 2016 seven young authors sent their videos for the competition, whose theme was "Мe and others, others and I". In 2017's edition 12 candidates shared their thoughts and visualized their ideas on the topic "Me and My Time". 


Participants must be students between the 8th and 12th grade. The clips must be up to 3 minutes in length and shot for the last one year. The goal of the competition is to encourage team work. The presence of director, writter, cinematographer and even a producer is an additional plus for the project.

The sponsor American Foundation for Bulgaria provides a prize fund of 1500 BGN, which is distributed as follows:

First prize – 900 BGN in 10 monthly scholarships
Second prize – 400 BGN
Third prize – 200 BGN