Best Documentary

Forever Young

by Robin Lipo
National Film School in Łódź, Poland


The Movie deals with death nowadays. Incredible personal loss on the one side and absurd development of internet services such as testaments for your mail server, virtual cemeteries etc. on the other side. How do you want to live your life online after death?

Director's biography

Robin Lipo was born in 1986 in Czech republic. Finish two years of film directing school in Zlín in Czech republic, one year of trainee course at PWSFTViT in Lódź in Poland and III. Year bachelor study of film directing at PWSFTViT in Lódź in Poland. For the moment have one year off from the school.


Written and directed by Robin Lipo 
Cinematography: Clemence Thurninger
Editing: Carlotta Kittel
Music: Artur Walaszczyk


Original title: Wiecznie mlody
Runinig time: 13'
Film type: Documentary
Country: Poland / Czech republic
Completion date: 2012