by Valery Grysha / Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts / Ukraine


The grandmother sees her children and grandchildren rarely because they work and study at another city. Easter is a good occasion for grandmother to meet her children. But the coronavirus destroys all plans.

Director's biography

Valery Grysha was born in 2001 in town Tetiiv, Ukraine. 3rd year student of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, studies film&TV directing in the Roman Shirman's workshop. Student film "EASTER" win the Audience Choice Award and is awarded the Special Jury Award for "Best Scene with Home Conservation" at the SFF "Open Night" (Ukraine, 2020). Also, "EASTER" was screened at the opening of the LISFF “Wiz-Art" (Ukraine, 2020).


Writer, director Valery Grysha


Original title Великдень
Runinig time 04'
Film type Fiction
Country Ukraine