Best Screenplay

The Update

Sapir Academic College, Israel


Adam has the perfect girlfriend, Alex, which was custom-made for him. Alex is separated from him for 24 hours during the annual "Update Day" and he finds himself spending the time with Yuli, a human being like him, she makes him question everything he thought was perfect.

Director Mor Hanay

Director's biography

The film raises the question of what would happen in a future where you can create a custom-made cyborg partner. Would you choose the perfect partner or a human partner with their own needs and desires? The film tries to present the question on its complexity.
I wanted to discuss today's society through a futuristic story. I was intrigued to see what will happen in that future, what will the popular choice be and what is the price the characters will have to pay. Is it in our nature to never be satisfied with what we have and always want to change and improve it? is there even such thing as 'perfect'? as in the film its changing its shape and form constantly and we can never get enough of it.
I want the viewers to question themselves what would they choose when faced with this dilemma, a question I ask myself while making the film and wonder if I'll ever have an answer. In fact, I believe that just raising the question can lead to a discussion which has a greater influence than the answer itself.


Written and directed by Mor Hanay
Producer Alona Nahmias
Cinematography Maor Adar
Sound Yoel Mendelsohn
Music Dan Ben Haim
Editing Or Lee-Tal


Original title The Update
Runinig time 24'
Film type Fiction
Completion date June, 2017