Intercultural Communication and the Language of Film

by Assistant Professor Dr. Bilge Kalkavan, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey

Online at, Neterra TV+, NATFA YouTube channel

Dr. Kalkavan will present a Master Class on “Intercultural Communication and the Language of Film”. She will share her expertise on intercultural communication through the lens of the film language in an interactive session in which participants will be actively involved in the analysis of commercials.

Dr. Bilge Kalkavan is an Assistant Professor at Hasan Kalyoncu University, Gaziantep, Türkiye. She received her BA in English Literature and MA in Applied Linguistics and Business Administration. She has Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and also holds a doctoral degree in Communication Studies. She has been involved in national and international projects. In addition to her lectures at Hasan Kalyoncu University, she also gives lectures on Intercultural Communication Skills at University Donja Gorica, Montenegro. Her research interests include interaction studies, intercultural communication, the language of film, language and communication, discourse analysis and second language acquisition. She is the spouse of the Ambassador of Türkiye to Montenegro and is currently the President of International Women’s Club of Montenegro.