Special mention in Animation

Journey in Amnesia

by Anouk Kilian-Debord
ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium

Jury Motivation

For the poetic use of stop-motion animation in creating a dreamscape that reflects a delicate mental condition.


Loïc, formerly worker in a gravel quarry, has lost all of his memory after an accident, and cut himself off from the world. One day, an event pushes him to go outside, where he witnesses the first snowfall since his amnesia. Loïc gets absorbed by long forgotten sensations and wanders. In his mind, he finds the way back to his quarry.

Director's biography

Born and raised in the south of France, Anouk Kilian-Debord has been passionate about stop-motion since her adolescence. After two years at Toulouse’s fine art school where shetries out storytelling through different mediums, she joins the school of la Cambre in Brussels in 2017. Sto p-motion animation rapidly becomes her favorite medium. In 2021, she makes her bachelor film, Journey in amnesia.


Written and directed by Anouk Kilian-Debord
Music Lionel Polis
Producer Vincent Gilot


Original title Voyage en amnésie
Runinig time 05'
Film type Animation
Country Belgium
Completion date October 2021