Best Cinematography


by Neslihan Kacar
Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey


Niv is a thirty-year-old man, who has chosen to live alone; and he has secluded himself on a mountain. His emotions push him through nothingness. The things, he searched for and found, have no meaning for him anymore. He decides to find his own truth by leaving himself into the water. He sees that he is appreciated and that this gives him a temporary happiness. His life is only an illusion. He finds out that through a journey into his own life.

Direcor's biography

Neslihan Kacar was born in 1986 in Hamburg, Germany. She moved to Istanbul at the age of three, with her family. She still lives in Istanbul and studies cinema at Istanbul Kultur University.


Written and directed by Neslihan Kacar
Cinematography: Mustafa Doğan
Editing: Neslihan Kacar, Hasan can Dağlı
Music: Mercan Dede


Original title: Hiç
Runinig time: 08'
Film type: Experimental
Country: Turkey
Completion date: 2013