Diploma by the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers


National Academy for Theatre and Film Art “Krastyo Sarafov”, Bulgaria


Boris (30) arrives in a mountain village to give back the deceived Radko’s belongings to his only living relatives – Radko’s grandmother and grandfather. Todorka (75) doesn’t know about her grandson’s death. While worried about the health condition of Atanas (74) she decides to hide the truth from him. When on the next day Boris is departing he understands that Atanas knows about the death of his grandson but also hides it to himself because he is concerned about Todorka’s health if she learns about this.

Director Boia Harizanova

Director's biography

Boya Harizanova was born in 1981 in Ruse, Bulgaria. After graduating as a journalist at Sofia University, she entered the National Academy Of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia as a film director. During her educational years in NATFA she filmed four documentaries and two feature movies. Each of them is selected at national and international film festivals.


Written and directed by Boia Harizanova
Cinematography Victor Roev
Editing Emil Granicharov


Original title Любов
Runinig time 24'
Film type Fiction
Completion date 2015