Best Animation

Under Pressure

by Vasil Bogdanov
National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria

Jury Motivation

Graphic and minimalistic visual approach, combined with cinematographic rhythm, story dynamics, great narrative turns and handful of humour.


 In the film we see a man trying to get to his home from work as fast as possible because he has left the tap water running.  Through out the way there he starts a domino effect leading to the whole town getting flooded.

Director's biography

Vasil was born in 1996. After graduating at a High school for the arts “Ilia Petrov” in Sofia, Bulgaria he entered the National Academy Of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia as an animation director where he created two shorts during his education. January 2020 he graduated with his Bachelor's degree.


Director: Vasil Bogdanov


Original title: Под напрежение
Running time: 06'
Film type: Animation
Country: Bulgaria
Completion date: 2020