The Last Day of a Condemned Man

by Samet Can Kocagür / Dokuz Eylül University / Turkey


The coronavirus the epidemic from spread of in Turkey and people have quarantined themselves and endeavored to continue their lives at home. Samet is one of the people who have worn out in this process. Samet's thesis that he will prepare in the final year, his efforts for finding a job and the expectations of the people around him push him to a spiritual crisis.

Samet starts looking for solutions in this crisis…

Director's biography

His born 1998 in Uşak. He continues his education in Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film Design and Direction.


Writer, director, cinematograper
Samet Can Kocagür


Original title Bir İdam Mahkumunun Son Günü
Runinig time 19'
Film type Fiction
Country Turkey