by Minsho Limbu 
Everest Film Academy, Nepal

Jury Motivation

Not one word too much, not one cut too fast, not one image too excessive. This little pearl from Nepal is on point in every sense. The movie brings us not only a touching story about the very human fear to be left, but also a director with a big future ahead.


A newlywed girl is left to live with her mother when her husband leaves to find work in India. He gives her a mobile phone as he departs, and this is to be the sole method of communication between the couple. She waits patiently for her husband to call, but it is in vain.
As days pass, longingness turns to loneliness, then resignation to resolve. The girl and her mother ultimately find solace in each other in this affecting film about solitude, abandonment, and self-actualization.

Director's biography

Minsho Limbu is an Independent filmmaker based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He holds graduation in screenplay writing and direction from Everest Film Academy. JUNKO is a directorial debut short film by him. It had been screened at Fribourg, Torino, POFF Shorts, Drama, Washington DC Film Fest, Ajyal, London, Tel-Aviv, MINIKINKO, and few other International film festivals worldwide.


Written and directed by Minsho Limbu
Cinematography Niraj Bhusal
Editing Pasang Dawa Sherpa
Music Shardool Shrestha


Original title Junko
Runinig time 15'
Film type Fiction
Country Nepal
Completion date May 2021