Quarantine Marathoner

by Eduardo Tosta, Karol Azevedo / Brazil


Quarantine Marathoner is an animated short film that shows, through metaphors and analogies, the daily life of a boy who was surprised by the coronavirus pandemic. Through his perceptions of imprisonment and bringing reflections about time, he draws a parallel between an athletic marathon and a psychological attempt to maintain activity during the confinement period. The film was created during a quarantine season from images of everyday situations experienced by the authors of the work. The illustrations and a narrative bring an irreverent form, as we discovered at a time when we need to be more multifaceted than ever.

Director Eduardo Tosta

Director Karol Azevedo 


Writer, director, producer
Eduardo Tosta, Karol Azevedo 


Original title Maratonista de Quarentena
Runinig time 3'
Film type Animation
Country Brazil
Completion date June 1, 2020