Early Bird 2019 Best Bulgarian Film

War Machine

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Krustyo Sarafov, Bulgaria


War Machine deals with one of the oldest problems of the humanity - war. Painting a world not based on any particular conflict, but rather an amalgomation of several conflicts. Observing a world with no good and evil, in which war and it's consumption of life has become a well oilled machine, allows me to explore the true nature of war - the act of killing. The act of mass produced killing. The act of stripping the humanity away from the people until they are nothing more than war machines.

Director: Iva Dimanova

Director's bio

Iva Dimanova was born on 20 December 1994. She studied illustration and book design in National School Of Fine Arts Ilia Petrov, Sofia. In 2013 she was accepted animation in NATFA Krustyo Sarafov. Her previous movies participated in festivals as Early Bird, Golden Riton, World Festival of animation film Varna, Festival International du Film d'Aubagne etc.


Director Iva Dimanova
Writer Vladislav Budinov
Music Yavor Pachovski
Editing Iva Dimanova


Original title Бойна машина
Runinig time 7'
Film type Animation
Completion date 2019