Best Cinematography

Supun Xik -The Last of the Wakhi Shepherdess

School of Creative Arts University of Lahore, Pakistan


A courageous and determined shepherdess deserts her home to live in the pasture with her live stock confronting the harsh environment to keep the century old tradition of shepherding alive.

Director Muhammad Zia

Director statement

For me,documentary is a way to express color in all its beauty. It is also a way for me to experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through my choice of materials. My documentary is not an excuse to present overly-complex theories or ideas. This may not be the popular view, but to me, formal qualities don't need some form of conceptual justification to back them up I draw inspiration from concepts like Ordered Complexity and Emergence, where things build up from a simple base structure by following a set of predetermined rules, and self-organize as they go.


Written and Directed by Muhammad Zia
Producer Essa Khan
Cinematography Fayeem Avzl
Editing Abdullah Khan


Original title Supun Xik -The Last of the Wakhi Shepherdess
Runinig time 14'
Film type Documentary
Completion date May, 2016