Best Editing

Between the Lines

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies


Arjun finds out his father's experiment on his dying mother. Arjun believes that the experiment has killed her, making his father the killer. In a sudden outburst the scene turns into a fight. That's when Arjun sees that he is not the only person in the room and a whole film crew is standing around him. Confused and drain out, he comes across realties that contradicts his version. A nagging question confronts us — is Arjun trying to emerge from reality or plunge into it?

Director Shantanu Naik


Director Shantanu Naik
Screenplay Kaustubh Hundekar
Cinematography Ritvik Tyagi
Editing Shantanu Naik, Yash Indap


Original title Between the Lines
Runinig time 12'
Film type Fiction
Completion date April, 2018