Special Mention for Documentary

Outlangish - Skateboarding Against Poverty

CPUT Film School in Cape Town, South Africa


Outlangish is a South African social project that offers kids from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town an alternative to life on the streets through skateboarding. The sport of skating gives them the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their environment. It unifies young people and will keep them in positive spirits.

Director Tim Drabandt

Director's biography

Tim Drabandt is a freelancing director and cinematographer. He was born in Northern Germany in 1988. After finishing high school he worked in different design agencies and film productions, including ‘Sterntag Film’ in Hamburg and ‘AVA Studios’ in Berlin. In 2010 Tim started studying film and video at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Germany, and the CPUT Film School in Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated with Master of Arts in 2015. Since then, he works as a freelance filmmaker for various film productions worldwide.


Written and Directed by Tim Drabandt


Original title Outlangish - Skateboarding Against Poverty
Runinig time 09'
Film type Documentary
Completion date January, 2015