Best Editing


Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Croatia


Two families are visiting their fathers that share a room in the hospital. One family is selfishly arguing about their trivial problems, while the other one has a completely different perspective. Flowers are for celebration, but also for the cemetery.

Director Judita Gamulin

Director's biography

Judita Gamulin was born in 1992. She is a graduate student of Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Acaemy of Dramatic Art. For the past four years sha has also worked in film production as a script continuity supervisor, editor and assistant editor. This is her third short feature. She also made Daddy Issues (2014) and Minus 4 (2015).


Director Judita Gamulin
Cinematography Tomislav Sutlar
Editing Tomislav Stojanović


Original title Cvijeće
Runinig time 19'
Film type Fiction
Completion date  September, 2015