Thank you to all the filmmakers who managed to stay creative and used art to share their thoughts in the difficult times of the global pandemic. 

Here are the 29 films to be part of the competition program of Early Bird 2020 Special Quarantine Edition in the categories:

Angels Do Not Die

by Alireza Biglari / Iran
Near the Persian New Year, a doctor from Corona's medical team, who suffers from COVID-19, comes home for leave.

Darling Life

by Ömer Dişbudak / Turkey

Dayless Days

by Mark Lazatin / Philippines
Benjamin was known for being the most bubbly and happiest student in his college.


by Valery Grysha / Ukraine
Easter is a good occasion for grandmother to meet her children. But the coronavirus destroys all plans.

I Know Nothing

by Aaron Rodriguez / USA
What do you learn when you cant leave your room ?

In The Storm

by Gonzalo Chinelli / Argentina
The owner of a graphic opens the doors and blinds of his workshop during the COVID-19 quarantine. Reality does not wait.

Princess in the Time of Coronavirus

by Antigoni Iliadi / Greece
During the Great Coronavirus Quarantine of the 21st Century, Queen Elizabeth asks everyone to stay inside. 

The Last Day of a Condemned Man

by Samet Can Kocagür / Turkey
With the spread of coronavirus in Turkey people have quarantined themselves and endeavored to continue their lives at home.

A Virtual Dream

by Bartosz Jakub Jasiński / Poland
In order to not go insane during the pandemic, a lonely filmmaker needs to reach out to friends.

COVID-19: Through My Eyes

by Emily Tomlins / Singapore
A personal journey through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Quarantine

by Beatriz Sá, Isa Cancela, Nassandi Röpke / Portugal
Changes are happening really fast lately. And incredible slow at the same time.

Do you see the sea?

by Katerina Antonopoulou-Wiedenmayer / Greece, France​
Dimitra goes through the lockdown together with two friends in her Thessaloniki apartment.

From The Window

by Anzhelika Grigorieva / Russia
When disaster comes and fear takes control of our lives, some seek and find salvation in beauty.

Inside: A Time For Growth

by Tela Gian Francis Oandasan / Singapore
A personal journey as the COVID-19 pandemic grips the nation.

Inside of Home; if the Quarentine is the Winter, the Desire is Spring

by Juan Costa Viaggio / Argentina
Juan discovers a parallel between a forgotten project and the new life in isolation.

Inside The Shell

by Rena Danilouli / Greece
The daily routine of a fourteen years old boy called Thanos has changed during the lockdown.

Mask Mode

by Gulnur Zharkymbekyzy / Kazakhstan
Mask Mode is a short documentary about COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan.

My First Wedding in Leggings

by Avigail Graetz, Eitan Herman / Israel
It's the Corona days and Naomi Efrat, a Reform Rabbinical student, is invited to preform a zoom wedding while she is "vacationing" in the far south of Israel with her family.


by Dailen Manuel / USA
A young man must come to terms with the way his life has been changed due to quarantine.


by Oraz Kereibayev / Bulgaria
The short documentary tells a story of two students who decided to remain on campus of the American University in Bulgaria during the pandemic.

Real Life

by Milena Perdikari / Greece
A film student from Greece, Milena, is spending her days in quarantine alone in her parent's house.

The New Normal

by Neevon Mohtaji / Australia
This Melbourne-made short film explores the ideas of change and adaptability with interviews with experts in various fields via video calls.


by Tanya Bozhinova / Bulgaria
The love which is thought to defeat every invincible enemy is now an unwanted obstacle, punishable and dangerous.


by Anna Dokuchaeva / Germany
Just a regular day during quarantine.

My Flatmate Jonas

by Yannik Wiedwald / Germany
I decided to observe my flatmate during Corona Lockdown to find out more about him.

Quarantine Chorus

by Edoardo Sartori / United Kingdom
A small Italian town learns the spirit of co-operation during the Corona Lockdown.

Quarantine Marathoner

by Eduardo Tosta, Karol Azevedo / Brazil
An animated short film that shows, through metaphors and analogies, the daily life of a boy who was surprised by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thesis 19

by Haydook Jorjyan / Iran
A student is on his Master's thesis defense meeting. During the meeting, he coughs...

Where Are You Now?

by Eneos Çarka / Hungary
A father sends well-wishing voice messages to his son confined in self-isolation far away from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.