​ by Tanya Bozhinova / New Bulgarian University / Bulgaria


#LoveInQuarantine is a claymation film inspired by the emergency situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the hardship it brought to the average person. There is no doubt that the people fighting on the front lines - doctors, police officers, delivery men, etc - are the people who are the most affected and put in a greater danger than all of us advised to stay home and add little but crucial changes to our lifestyle. However, even having that in mind one cannot argue that staying away from loved ones and family is an easy task to follow. Everyone's battle with this invisible enemy is worth being acknowledged. 

Director's biography

Tanya Bozhinova is a Bulgarian female artist and a second year animation student in New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria. She graduated from Second English language school, Sofia. 


Writer, director, cinematographer 
Tanya Bozhinova


Original title #LoveInQuarantine
Runinig time 3'
Film type Animation
Country Bulgaria