Best Directing

Springtime suns

by Stefan Ivancić
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia


Four boys, friends and cousins, in between adolescence and adulthood, make the most of their holidays. In the course of some idle-talk, of a carefree swim in the river of time, or the vacuity of a summer evening, the memory of communist past resurfaces, both idealized and slightly mocked.

Director's biography

Stefan Ivancic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1985. From 1991 to 2009 he lived in Barcelona, Spain, where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a fourth year Film directing student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. His film SCRAP MATERIAL won more than 10 international awards, including Best Documentary prize at Early Bird 2012. SOLES DE PRIMAVERA had its international première at FID Marseille.


Director: Stefan Ivancic
Screenolay: Andrej Ivancic, Stefan Ivancic, Mateja Vidakovic
Cinematography: Igor Djordjevic
Editing: Jelena Maksimovic, Natasa Pantic


Original title: Soles de primavera
Running time: 23'
Film type: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Completion date: January, 2013