Best Editing

M for Murder or "l'art pour l'art" 

by David Jovanović
Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Jury Motivation

For achieving dynamic and playing with different genres that this film is going through and giving the audience a rich and complex film experience.


L'art pour l'art - The nightmare of studying film directing seen through a lens of different film genres and turned into an exam film by the most ardent non-smoker student. This alphabet of film genres ends with the only possible letter: M, for murder.

Director's biography

Finished film and television directing: Director of the live broadcast and event of JA Europe Company of the Year 2018 - Gala Awards Ceremony. Directed and produced several commissioned films (Including for the 70th anniversary of FAA and the 49th Belgrade FEST). Winner of the Best Directing Award at the 7th Duka Fest in Banja Luka and Special Jury Award at the 5th Golden Baklava Film Festival in Turkey for the film “Many Happy Returns”. Currently working on post-production of his first feature-length experimental music film “Buč Kesidi: Euforija uživo”. His graduation short film “Sun Can’t Be Seen No More” is currently in post-production. Founder of the Creative Group Pointless Films.


Director: David Jovanović
Screenplay: David Jovanović, Bogdan Stefanović
Cinematography: Mladen Teofilović
Editing: David Jovanović, Stefan Rokvić
Music: David Jovan Radosavljević


Original title: Ubistvo radi ubistva ili umetnost radi umetnosti
Running time: 29'
Film type: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Completion date: 2019