Best Bulgarian Film

50 mouse steps

by Boyka Stefanova
National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria

Jury motivation

This impressive film skillfully utilizes the power of cinematographic features to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience. Ognyan and Vera’s childhood memories take them on an emotional journey while also encouraging viewers to connect with their own pasts. The film delivers a powerful message about the value of life and the importance of cherishing moments.


Ognyan and Vera meet each other again after 10 years of separation. What brings them together is a "time capsule" buried by them when they were kids. The memories from childhood lead them to the beginning of a one-day adventure that may turn out to be their last one.

Director's biography

Recently graduated film director, Boyka Stefanova was born in 1999 in Bulgaria. Her interest in cinema is driven by the stories, photographs and home videos of her family and she is often inspired by true events. Her most significant film projects are the short documentary “The nest” and the romantic comedy “50 mouse steps”. She currently lives in the Czech Republic where she seeks to enlarge her knowledge of European documentary cinema.  


Director Boyka Stefanova
Screenplay Marina Tsoneva, Boyka Stefanova
Cinematography Dimitur Yordanov
Editing Teodora Garbova
Music Tsvetoslav Toshev
Sound design: Irina Ivanova

Original title 50 миши напред
Runinig time 26'
Film type Fiction
Country Bulgaria
Completion date  December 2022