Early Bird 2019 Special mention for cinematography

He Pulls His Truck

Moscow Film School, Russia


An eight-year-old boy Lyosha is hiding from the older kids in an abandoned building where he bumps into a toy truck locked behind bars. He decides to get it.

Director: Kirill Proskurin

Director's bio

Kirill Proskurin was born in Moscow in 1987. Since in the nineties his parents were engaged in VHS-piracy, he fells in love with cinematography from an early age. After graduating from college, he studied music and worked in the IT field. In 2016 Kirill entered Moscow Film School to study film directing, where his mentor was Aleksey Popogrebskiy. During his studies, he was very inspired by the documentary block, and in his first year he shot the documentary “Our City”. He graduated from MFS in 2018.


Director Kirill Proskurin
Screenplay Kirill Proskurin, Nika Proskurina
Cinematography Mikhail Viborniy


Original title Он везёт свой грузовик
Runinig time 25'
Film type Fiction
Completion date May, 2019
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