Special mention 2020


by Oraz Kereibayev / American University in Bulgaria


The short documentary tells a story of two students who decided to remain on campus of the American University in Bulgaria during the pandemic. Ariadna from Georgia and Javier from Spain show their everyday routine, problems they face, and fears they have. They tell their personal stories, but these stories are something everyone can relate to right now.

Director's statement

My name is Oraz and I’m a student at the American University in Bulgaria studying Journalism & Mass Communication and Political Science with minors in Film Studies and European Studies. I’m interested in editing and directing. This movie has been solely produced by me for a capstone project for my university. The reason why I am the only crew member is related to the pandemic and limitations we had. In particular, we had curfew on campus, national laws that did not allow more than two people outside, and so on.


Writer, director, cinematographer
Oraz Kereibayev


Original title Quarantined
Runinig time 16'
Film type Documentary
Country Bulgaria