Real Life

by Milena Perdikari / Aristotle Univrsity of Thessaloniki / Greece


Real life is Selfportrait documentary in the time of Coronavirus. A film student from Greece, Milena, is spending her days in quarantine alone in her parent's house. She has difficulties to face the new reality that has to live, so she chooses to remake a world in a videogame where her dreams come true and reality is more fun.

Director's biography

Milena Perdikari was born in Thessaloniki in 1993. She studied primary school teaching in Ioannina and she had a master degree in the same department. Currently she is studying Filmmaking  in the Aristotle university of Thessaloniki. She is focused on literature for children, creative writing and narration. She has also been awarded three times as an amateur writer.  


Writer, director, cinematographer
Milena Perdikari


Original title Real Life
Runinig time 11'
Film type Documentary
Country Greece