Best Editing


by Mujtaba Saeed and editing by Onur Kepenek
Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Jury Motivation

For successfully emerging the viewer into the subjectivity of the young protagonist and shaping the rhythm of his experience.


Eight year-old Adam confronts a mutated world, when he breaks out of the designated quarantine area for refugees.

Director's biography

Mujtaba Saeed was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Already at an early age, he was curious to explore the theatre and film industry of the Arab region. In 2005, Saeed decided to move to Germany to study directing. He graduated at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2020. During his studies, he directed several films among which Green Lemon, the Compass and Darkness is a color.


Written and directed by Mujtaba Saeed
Cinematography Adrian Langenbach
Editing Onur Kepenek
Producer Nora Helou


Original title Before the End
Runinig time 08'
Film type Fiction
Country Germany
Completion date January 2021