Best Editing

Night Shift

by Santiago Lago, editing by Santiago Lago and Florencia Dipascuale
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires University, Argentina

Jury motivation

Sometimes editing helps a film get the narrative right, sometimes storytelling helps edit a film. This is where the film's narration and editing help each other and produce the best results. The director sometimes does not hesitate to break the rules of editing, and the editor skillfully uses this. Every detail has its place, every shot has the required length. They know where to relax the audience and where to create tension. They skillfully use editing methods: dissolve, slow motion, cut on action, jump cut, J-cut, L-cut, P.O.V. - shot, montage, ecc.

Editing is a special part of cinematography that plays an important role in the storytelling of this film.


At the Palo Alto transient shelter, the night janitor is faced with an atypical night; the appearance of a firearm in room 6. Despite the strange circumstances of the porteño night, it will be Miche, a sex worker, who will help the janitor to solve the mystery. Only then will he be able to keep his job and prove himself up to the task.

Director's biography

Santiago Lago Otero is a graduate in Image and Sound Design from UBA. In 2017, he founded the independent production company, Forajido Audiovisual, where he serves as a director, producer, screenwriter, and editor. He has participated in various short films, such as "Al Otro Lado," which won the Jury Award at the Soria Festival in Buenos Aires and was an Official Selection at the Pantallazo Audiovisual de las Mujeres (MUA), screened at the MAR Museum during International Women's Day as part of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.


Director: Santiago Lago
Screenplay: Santiago Lago, Julieta Matarrese
Cinematography: Leandro Martinez
Editing: Santiago Lago, Florencia Dipascuale
Music: Marcelo Cataldo, Camilo Mallo

Original title: Turno Nocturno
Running time:27'
Film type:  Fiction
Country: Argentina
Completion date: December 2022