Best Bulgarian Film

After 100 meters turn right

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Srafov", Bulgaria


Nikola is on his way to a hospital to pick up his newborn and his wife. Trying to pass the traffic jam, he decides to turn to a sideroad where Stoyko is driving on ,to get to say his last goodbye to his mother. Misunderstanding forces them to meet each other. Being faced with death, they realize their only option is to collaborate.

Director Stefani Doychinova

Director statement

In a world like this, in which each of us lives for themselves, we often say or do things without thinking how they could reflect on or change the live of the person next to us or behind us. One little think can cause a much bigger one. A chain of casual links or the butterfly effect. How does the human brain work, when it has to make a decision under pressure and what choices do we make? On all of those question of mine I tried to talk about, in this film. A dramatic story with comedic elements. I hope you like it.


Director Stefani Doychinova
Screeplay Stefani Doychinova, Trendafil Dimitrov
Cinematography Joanna Hadjiivancheva


Original title След 100 метра завийте надясно
Runinig time 14'
Film type Fiction
Completion date 2017