Special Screening

Student abstract film panorama

by the 8th edition of Punto y Raya Festival in Lisbon, Portugal

For the second year Punto y Raya Festival in Lisbon, Portugal dedicated a special spot for abstract films created by students. The 2023 program includes 15 short films produced in five countries: Hong Kong, Portugal, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Among the 15 films, six were created within the framework of the Visual Music discipline, taught by professors Sandra Ramos and David Novack from Lusófona University.

LDN 51.5072N 0.1276W

by Wen Pey Lim and  Shang Yun Wu, United Kingdom


by Ho Tsz-Wing, Hong Kong

Psicostasis - 54% creen en el cielo

by Eva Sanz de la Fuente, Spain

In Oculis

by Lia Barrio Casermeiro, Spain

+27.000 A.C.

by Olafur Anthead, Spain

Czarne Słońce

by Zuzanna Michalska, Poland


by Weng Shan Lim, United Kingdom


by Moonwalking, Hong Kong


by Pineda Heras Prats, Portugal

Dungeon Path

by Hugo Guedes and Brayanni Gudiño, Portugal

Mudam-se os tempos, Mudam-se as vontades

by Brayanni Gudiño, Francisco Fernandes Parreira and Hugo Guedes, Portugal


by Hugo Rodrigues, Beatriz Neto and André Almeida, Portugal


by Caroline Soares, Patrícia Lopes and Inês Anacleto, Portugal


by João Cadima, Pedro Fernandes and Bárbara Barreto, Portugal

Run Away

by João neves and Nuno Taborda, Portugal