Early Bird 2019 Special mention for foreign film


National Film and Television School, United Kingdom


A teacher desperately clings to her humanity, despite the chaos of war around her threatening to destroy everything worth being human for.

Director: Alexandra Brodski

Director's bio

Alexandra Brodski is a London based Russian-German director shooting music videos and commercials whilst developing feature films and TV projects across UK, Germany and Russia. Her short films have been screened at many international film festivals such as BAFTA-qualifying Edinburgh Film Festival. After graduating from the Directing Fiction course at the NFTS in 2018, she got invited as 1 of 8 international directors, to participate at the prestigious Les Arcs talent village, under the patronage of Danish director Thomas Vinterberg.


Director Alexandra Brodski
Screenplay Alexandra Brodski, Rebecca Martin
Cinematography Bruno Grilo
Editing Conor Meechan


Original title Nina
Runinig time 17'
Film type Fiction
Completion date December, 2017
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