Early Bird Grand Awards 2005-2018

Grand Award 2018: Billion

State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov, Russia

writer and director Evghenii Dudceac
producer Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.
cinematography Ivan Grincenco
music Octavian Cotet
editing Evghenii Dudceac

George is an old widow man that serenely lives his last years somewhere at the edge of the world in a Moldavian village. George believes that life continuously dodges him, until the day he notices that his old wooden toilet has the ability to teleport him from one place to another. He can visit Tokyo, climb the Everest mountain and other various tourist destinations.

Great desires are borned by great possibilities - will he be able to resist all the temptations of the modern world? It depends only by him.

Grand Award 2017: Sex, pipe, omelette

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania

director Ana-Maria Comănescu
screeplay Ana-Maria Comănescu, Andrei Hutuleac
cinematography Tudor Platon

Victor feels attracted to Filip’s wife. Filip feels attracted to Victor’s wife. Victor and Filip are next-door neighbours, not to mention good friends.

Grand Award 2016: America

University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Radio and Television, Poland

writer and director Aleksandra Terpinska
producer Beata Rzezniczek
cinematography Bartosz Bieniek
editing Przemyslaw Chruscielewsli

Once upon a time in America... Two teenagers – Anka and Dzastina – play around with dreams about a better life. The two inseparable friends, bored with their everyday existence, decide to hitch-hike. A meant-to-be innocent adventure changes into an emotional game in which truth intertwines with fiction and the sequence of consecutive events irreversibly changes mutual relations of the characters and their perspective of existing world.

Grand Award 2015: In the House

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania

director Ana-Maria Comănescu
cinematographer Tudor Platon
editing Patricia Chelaru

After witnessing the tragic scene of a car accident, twenty-three-year-old Cristi arrives at a friend’s party in an attic studio for a night of wild fun. The group of friends doesn’t seem too affected by his story, on the contrary, they seem keen on motivating him to party as hard as he can. He lets himself be persuaded and starts binge drinking and dancing like crazy, while puffing on the occasional joint – he’s having the time of his life. The party settles down, they sit in a circle and start telling seemingly random stories. Through drunken slurs of guy-talk, raw truths start to slip out and things take a turn for the worse.

Grand Award 2014: Moonless Summer

Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

writer and director Stefan Ivancić
cinematography Igor Djordjević
editing Jelena Maksimović

Before moving abroad, sixteen-year-old Isidora spends a few days in the countryside house with her older sister. Lost in the summer’s stillness, she wonders will she ever stay the same.

Grand Award 2013: In the Fishbowl

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania

writer and director Tudur Cristian Jurgiu
cinematography Adrian Grigorescu
editing Dragos Apetri

Grand Award 2012: First Lady of Dubrava

Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

writer and director Barbara Vekarić
cinematography Filip Tot
editing Sara Gregorić

Amra is an attractive and talented teenager living in the outskirts of Zagreb whose dirty rap made her quite popular in the neighborhood. Dina is her chubby, clumsy and spoiled younger sister who suffers from asthma and often feigns or exaggerates her illness to drive her older sister up the wall. Amra and her “manager” plan to shoot a hot music video for her big break-through hit to be “Girl from da hood”, but she learns last minute that she’s to babysit Dina instead, while her parents go Bosnia. Not willing to sacrifice her “big chance”, Amra takes Dina along and puts her life at risk.

Grand Award 2011: Stuck on Christmas

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania

director Iulia Rugină
screenplay Ana Agopian, Oana Răsuceani, Iulia Rugină
cinematography Ana Drăghici

Grand Award 2010: Benjamin

Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

writer and director Matija Vukšić
cinematography Raul Brzić
editing Goran Čače

Grand Award 2009: The Palm Lines

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania

director George Chiper
screenplay Mihai Mincan
editing Dragos Apetri

Grand Award 2008: Family Therapy

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov", Bulgaria

director Peter Vulchanov
screenplay Kristina Grozeva
cinematorgraphy Krum Rodriges

A man and a woman, probably married for many years, always find their reasons to quarrel. What should fate bring to them in order to overcome these harmful effects of r and to appreciate what they may lose in every moment?

Grand Award 2007: It’s Not that I Know, that’s Just the Way it is

Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

director Tania Golic
screnplay Tania Golic, Daria Lorenci, Rakan Rushaidat

It is a mirror of each couple, and everyone can find him self in this movie. Movie with beautiful rhythm and dynamic shows fight between a man and a woman with it’s documentary note.

Grand Award 2006: The Minutes After

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov", Bulgaria

writer and director Nikolay Todorov
cineamatography Dian Zagorchinov
production designer Elena Stoyanova

Eight landings,
eight steps between the landings,
a wooden lid,
creaking of a wooden lid.
Every day.
Thirty years.
No. Thirty two.

On the narrative of Maria Stankova "The death of the Watchmaker"

Grand Award 2005: Claustrophobia

National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov", Bulgaria

director Chavdar Chernev
screenplay Vera Mutafchiyska
cinematography Anna Andreeva

A boy and a girl ride in the elevator of their notions of living together. A vision that brought them to a state of claustrophobia.