Best Screenplay

Backyard Camping

by Mor Hanay
Sapir Academic College, Israel

Jury Motivation

This film is a story about love and the sacrifices we are capable of making for it. Film that lands and gives hope at the same time. Decided in a minimalistic way, the twist in the narrative is really decisive here.


A couple dealing with a marriage crisis is forced to cooperate when an intruder breaks into their house.

Director's biography

Mor holds a bachelor's and master's degree in cinema from Sapir College, Israel. She is a graduate of the Mandel Foundation for Cultural Leadership. Her short graduation film 'The Update’ won 8 awards, including Best Short Film at 'Utopia International Film Festival' and Best Screenplay at 'Early Bird International Student Film Festival'. These days Mor is writing her first feature film, based on her short film 'The Update'. Mor has been the initiator and artistic director of 'Beer Sheva Short Film, and also acts as an Artistic Director of the Cinematheque series at the 'Performing Arts Center' in Beer Sheva.


Written and directed by Mor Hanay
Cinematography Oded Ashkenazi
Editing Or Lee-Tal


Original title Backyard Camping
Runinig time 15'
Film type Fiction
Country Israel
Completion date December, 2021