Best Fiction


by Mikołaj Czyżowski
Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Poland

Jury motivation

Even though everything looks perfect, some secrets can be found unrevealed. This movie gets us in the thoughts of the characters, with really intimate shots, so we can understand how hard it is for them to handle this image they have to show everyday. Even if they spend most of their time with family, we can feel the loneliness they go through, and the cold atmosphere of the moment they spend together.


In a wealthy family there is a dinner celebrating the main character's graduation from college and her entry into adult life. During this evening, issues related to of the girl's future - a job and a wedding. Over time, the following secrets of the household begin to come to light more secrets of the household members.

Director's biography

Mikołaj Czyżowski, born 1995, lives and creates in Cracow. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Winner of art scholarships, participant of exhibitions and international competitions. His works were presented in Belgium and China, among others. He is involved in directing, visual arts illustration and design.


Written and directed by Mikołaj Czyżowski
Cinematography: Lukasz Krawczyk
Sound design: Jacek Feliks

Original title:  Córcia
Running time: 15'
Film type: Fiction
Country: Poland
Completion date: February 2023