As every year before In effort  to be useful to the participating filmmakers Early Bird organizes special educational module. All events were streamed ive on our Facebook page.


Teaser, trailer, EPK, web video content. They are not the same

Ruslan Grudev-Rocko

Ruslan Grudev is a lecturer in Film and TV Editing at South-West University - Neofit Rilski. He has more than 20 years experience as online editor, post production supervisor and is a certified trainer for Davinci Resolve - User Guide, Editing, Color Grading and Fusion VFX. 

During the workshop he will focus on editing a promotional video and will share practical guidelines how to achieve a better online presence for your films.


Challenging the Director – an Actor’s Perspective

Sava Dragunchev, Jr.

Acting in front of the camera can pose a challenge for all actors who have received their education primarily on stage. Film directors find it difficult to “change” the actor’s attitude towards the acting process. They also find it almost impossible to quench the actor’s desire “to sound theatrical”. Speaking on stage is now regarded as impossible for cinema. But is this true? Are cinema and theatre that much different? What can theatre actors bring on the film set, and what do cinema directors have to work with in order to achieve a truthful character rendition on screen? With time, do actors evolve cinema-wise even if they would work mainly on stage?

These questions will be dealt with at the Masterclass in Challenging the Director – an Actor’s Perspective trying to equalise the ideas young directors might have for truthful acting as opposed to “theatrical” or false acting in front of the camera.

Sava Dragunchev is lecturer in Acting and Speach at NATFA.

Directors Talk

OneStage: Hatching - podcast about young people in the arts

Ahmed Yumer

This year, the directors will talk about the first shot, the first film, the emotions and difficulties that accompanied its hatching. They will also share the themes that ignite their creative inspiration. Host of OneStage: Hatching - a podcast for young people in arts is Ahmed Yumer - the earliest bird of the Youth Theater "Nikolai Binev", an actor who loves cinema, long conversations about art and life with it.