Inside The Shell

by Rena Daniloui / Aristotle Univrsity of Thessaloniki / Greece


The daily routine of a fourteen years old  boy called Thanos  has changed during the lockdown. Is waking up late and playing video games enough to keep  this teenager in good spirits  this strange period ? As the time goes by, we watch  his mood swings, while his mother tries to maintain a normal life despite being over protected .

Director's biography

Rena Danilouli is a math teacher, a student in the 8th semester of the School Of Film , Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki and a mother of a teenager. She likes her job and her family but also she likes making films, especially writing and directing. She had participated in lots of projects as parts of the courses in the University.This documentary is a project for the course of Documentary II during the lockdown.  


Writer, director, cinematographer
Rena Danilouli


Original title Στο Καβούκι
Runinig time 11'
Film type Documentary
Country Greece