Early Bird 2019 Special mention for Screenplay

White Mark

Film School Svobodnoe kino, Russia


The miner admits to his wife of treason. And after that, strange things start to happen. The hero works in the mine, but the dirt does not stick to him, he remains perfectly clean. Colleagues cease to trust a clean miner, the boss removes him from the brigade, the wife makes a scandal. The hero does not withstand such pressure and gives up. Looking for a solution he comes up with an idea.

Director: Anton Mamykin

Director's bio

Born and raised in the Urals. In 2005 he entered the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University; Since 2008 he has been working in advertising as a copywriter. One of the most awarded advertisers in Russia. Winner of more than 50 Russian and international advertising awards (CANNES LIONS, D & AD, ONE SHOW, EUROBEST, GOLDEN DRUM, EPICA, ADCE, RED APPLE, ADBLACKSEA, WHITE SQUARE and others;) In 2017-2018, he passed the course “author of cinema” at the film school “Free Cinema” (workshop of Pavel Bardin).


Writer and director Anton Mamykin
Cinematography and editing Alexander Butov


Original title White Mark
Runinig time 15'
Film type Fiction
Completion date February, 2019