Early Bird 2023


When is Early Bird ISFF 2023?

The 19th edition of Early Bird ISFF will be held from November 01-05, 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a hybrid event. The Festival will be held in-person at NATFA cinema hall and online at Netterra TV+ streaming platform.

Will the films from the competition program be available online?

The films from the competition program will be available free worldwide for the time of the Festival from 00:00 (UTC+2) on November 01, 2023 till 23:59 (UTC+2) on November 05, 2023 on the streaming platform of Neterra TV+. No registration is required. 

Can the online screening of my film be geo-bloked?

Yes, if the authors require, a film can be geo-bloked and available for Bulgaria only.

What is the Festival timeline?

September 15, 2023 - Submision deadline

October 02, 2023 - Official Selection announcment 

October 15, 2023 - Deadline for uploading the selected films

November 01-05, 2023 - Festival - Screenings, Master classes, Workshops and other live events

How can I take part in-person?

The directors of the selected films will be invited to attend the Festival. The Festival will cover the costs of accommodation in a hostel, food and transport in Sofia. Note that the travel costs are visitor’s charge. Those who want to take part in the Festival in-person should state their presence by October 10, 2023 at the latest.

How can I take part in the live events online?

The directors of the selected films or members of their team will receive an invitation for a video conference call via Zoom to participate in Master classes, Workshops and live events. For everyone else a live broadcast will be available on our website and Facebook page.

I am no longer a student, but I've completed my film while studing. Can I submit the film?

Yes, the applicant must have been a student at the time of filming. Verification of student status from the year of completion of the film can be a copy of a student card or other document.

How can I submit my film?

You have to complete the submission form available on our website till September 15, 2023.

Can my submission be rejected?

A submission can be rejected if:

the director was not a student during filming
the film doesn't have English subtitles when the dialogues are not in English
the link is broken or the passowd is not valid
the film has been submitted to a previous edition of Early Bird ISFF
the film was completed before January 01, 2022

Can I have a feedback about my film?

The members of the Selection comittee do not share details regarding the submission review or selection process.

How will I know my film is selected?

The contact person of the selected film will be notified via email on October 02, 2023. Each film, selected for the competition program will have a page on our website under Official selection.

Is there an entry fee?

Тhere is no entry fee.

How can I receive updates about the Festival?

Check our website and follow us on social media to be informed about updates.