#TogetherAgain with Special Screenings

We restart festival life and invite you to go to the cinema again with Special Screenings in the Cultural center "The Palace" - the town of Balchik. For four days June 12-15, 2020, the guests and visitors of The Palace will be able to watch the award-winning films from the 15th Anniversary edition of the Festival, as well as a retrospective of the films with Early Bird Grand Award over the years. The screenings are at The Stone Hall from 16:00 to 18:30. We're waiting for you!

Friday, 12.06.2020


Dante vs. Mohammed Ali Marc Wagenaar /Netherlands/ 25'
War Machine Iva Dimanova /Bulgaria/ 7'
Portrait of My Family in my 13th Year Omri Dekel-Kadosh /Israel/ 16'
Nina Alexandra Brodski /United Kingdom/ 17'
Tangle Maliheh Gholamzadeh /Iran/ 8'
Till the End of the World Florence Bouvy /Netherlands/ 27'
Terminal Kim Allamand /Switzerland/ 13'
Casting Sándor Csoma /Hungary/ 28'

Saturday, 13.06.2020


Due to unforeseen circumstances Peter Chiviyski /Bulgaria/ 27'
Home for Christmas Tomislav Đurinec /Croatia/ 30'
Terror Yonatan Shehoah /Israel/ 16'
All Good Luisa Ricar /Switzerland/ 20'
Circles and Triangles Darya Trublina, Varvara Lavrova /Russia/ 3'
Frog Hunters Batuhan Kurt /Turkey/ 30'
Mokuso Moreno Cabitza/ Switzerland/ 15'

Sunday, 14.06.2020


Claustrophobia Chavdar Chernev /Bulgaria/ 4'
The Minutes After Nikolay Todorov /Bulgaria/ 18'
It’s Not that I Know, that’s Just the Way it is Tania Golic /Croatia/ 15'
Family Therapy Peter Vulchanov /Bulgaria/ 13'
The Palm Lines George Chiper /Romania/ 16'
Benjamin Matija Vukšić /Croatia/ 25'
Stuck on Christmas Iulia Rugină /Romania/ 30'
First Lady of Dubrava Barbara Vekarić /Croatia/ 19'

Monday, 15.06.2020


In the Fishbowl Tudur Cristian Jurgiu /Romania/ 21'
Moonless Summer Stefan Ivancic /Serbia/ 31'
In the House Ana-Maria Comănescu /Romania/ 17'
Amerika Aleksandra Terpinska /Poland/ 30'
Sex, pipe, omelette Ana-Maria Comănescu /Romania/ 23'
Billion Evghenii Dudceac /Russia/ 20'