Early Bird with online edition in 2021

The Festival will be held online  from 01 to 05 November 2021 on earlybirdfest.org and Neterra.TV+  - an online platform that offers access to a diverse selection of films and film festivals. 

The films from the Official selection will be available free for the time of the Festival. The directors of the selected films will receive a Zoom invitation to participate in the events. For everyone else a live broadcast will be available here and on our Facebook page:

01.11 at 18:30 (UTC+2)

Opening Ceremony - meet the members of the jury Edoardo Sartori, Sava Dragunchev, Vessela Dancheva, Poli Angelova, Velislav Pavlov, the directors of the selected films and special guests

02.11 at 18:30 (UTC+2)

Workshop with lecturer in Film and TV Editing at SWU Ruslan Grudev - Teaser, trailer, EPK, web video content. They are not the same.

03.11 at 18:30 (UTC+2)

Masterclass in Challenging the Director – an Actor’s Perspective with the lecturer in Acting and Speech at NATFA Sava Dragunchev

04.11 at 18:30 (UTC+2)

Directors Talk with Ahmed Yumer - OneStage: Hatching - podcast about young people in the arts

05.11 at 18:30 (UTC+2)

Award Ceremony - announce the awards in 12 categories and celebrate the talent of the young filmmakers