10 Seconds

by Evgenia Taneva

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria


During a boxing match, Alexandra is knocked down. To return to the match, she must first overcome her past and present. Vision and words intertwine in Alexandra's mind where the real battle take place. 

Director's biography

Evgenia Taneva just graduated from National Academy for Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov”, Sofia, Bulgaria with the specialty “Film and TV Directing”. Before that she studied for two years "Drama Theatre Acting". In 2017 she finished an one-year educational and training program in the field of contemporary dance developed by Derida Dance Company in Sofia.
Her artistic biography includes writing of two fantasy books in the years 2014-2015 with co-author Vanina Bozhilova - “The Hand of Destiny” and “The End is Eternal”. 


Director: Evgenia Taneva

Screenplay: Victor Paskov, Evgenia Taneva

Cinematography: Yordan Georgiev

Editing: Stefan Spasov

Music: Henri Salonen


Original title: 10 секунди

Running time: 06'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bulgaria

Completion date: 2020