A Swimming Lesson from Dad

by Biró Melinda Ildikó

University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest, Hungary


The 6-year-old Vivi is terrified of water. However, after her father’s swimming lesson she realizes there are more horrifying things in life than the children’s pool.

Director's biography

Melinda holds B.A. in Liberal Arts from Pázmány Péter Catholic University (2011-2016) and M.A in Film Studies from University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (2016-2020).


Director: Biró Melinda Ildikó

Screenplay: Biró Melinda Ildikó

Cinematography: Rácz Gabriella

Editing: Bottka Eszter Anita

Music: Gulyás Mátyás


Original title: Papa úszni tanít

Running time: 14'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Hungary

Completion date: October, 2020