by Vanessa Payri

School of Cinema and Video Trades, Canada


Who they are doesn't matter that much. What they share is an aggression, a hidden story of which they carry the silence. Their testimonies are told to us by different faces and expressed by gestures coming from other people, so that we remember the most important: their history, their strength and their desire to break a taboo. Because it is time for shame to change sides.

Director's biography

It was at university that Vanessa discovered documentary cinema. Encouraged, she decides to get into the world of fiction as an assistant director. In 2016 she took the camera on the film "Boulevard Voltaire" by Alexandre Vallès. The film will be selected in several festivals. Navigating between directing and production, she decided to go to Quebec to study documentary cinema. It is within this framework that she directs her first documentary short: "Apnoia".


Director: Vanessa Payri

Screenplay: Vanessa Payri

Cinematography: Vanessa Payri


Original title: Apnoia

Running time: 15'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Canada

Completion date: February, 2021