by Lili Zhang

China Academy of Art, China


Does men’s courtship prove your attractiveness and give you confidence? In the quest for approval, do we change ourselves too much? Chocolate examines the subtle psychology of intercourse between men and women. This animation is hand-drawn with chalk, with different shades of brown representing the emotions of the main character.

Director's biography

Zhang Lili, graduated from China Academy of Art with a Master's degree in Animation in july, 2021. She is an independent animator, illustrator and art teacher. She studied Fine Arts, and at the beginning of her studies she specialized in graphic design, photography and sketching. Then she studied illustration and comics, published several children's illustration books and drew current affairs comics for newspapers for a long time. Finally, out of personal whim, she decided to take up systematic animation studies. In 2021, just before her graduation, she completed the production of two short animated films, “Chocolate” and “Like”. Of which her debut, Chocolate has won or been selected in 20 film festivals worldwide so far. Nowadays, She is still studying and working hard on her new work.


Director: Lili Zhang

Screenplay: Lili Zhang


Original title: Chocolate

Running time: 04'

Film type: Animation

Country: China

Completion date: 2021