Days Lost

by Jovana Avramovic

Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Serbia


Olja, disaffected, eighteen years old girl, lives in a family filled with misunderstanding. When her brother's girlfriend visits her family, she faces loss of her brother as she considered him the only thing important. Furious with everybody around her, she is stuck in a place where she does not know what to do.

Director's biography

Jovana Avramovic is a film director from Pozega, Serbia. She graduated from FDA, Belgrade, where currently working on M.A. module of Film and Television Directing. She works as a casting director in casting agency “Pajper”, Belgrade.


Director: Jovana Avramovic

Screenplay: Sara Djurovic

Cinematography: Ana Melentijevic

Editing: Tamara Kostic

Music: Uroš Vukašinović, Nemanja Petrović, Željko Ćirović


Original title: Izgubljeni dani

Running time: 22'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Serbia

Completion date: 2021