Eve & Fatima

by Julie Redon

INIS, Canada


A young couple must face their differences in the wake of a homophobic attack.

Director's biography

After completing her studies in literature and cinema in Montreal, Julie Redon pursued further education at La Casa del Cine de Barcelona where she studied the art of documentary. Once back in Quebec, she participated in a workshop at L’inis where she directed the short documentary, Sans attache. Fascinated by the avenues opened up by filmmaking, Julie enrolled in the 2020 Cinema program to study as a director. The themes she is most interested in exploring are inextricably linked to her life: travel and identity.


Director: Julie Redon

Screenplay: Annaïla Telsaint

Cinematography: Alex Margineanu

Editing: Dominique Champagne, Naomi Silver-Vézina

Music: Maxime Fortin


Original title: Ève et Fatima

Running time: 07'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Canada

Completion date: 2020