by Orlin Menkadzhiev

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria


Two brothers - Pavel, 14, and Rado, 10, are wandering around various abandoned places and abandoned industrial buildings. In one of the places Rado finds a harmonica with which he starts playing. Pavel sees him and takes it by force.

Director's biography

I was born in Sofia in 1999. I graduated 164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes". By the end of high school, I was fully involved in sports, as well as learning foreign languages (English, French and Spanish), and my only contact with art was literature. Then I worked in the series "Dear Heirs" as PA and from there my desire to study cinema was born. I started shooting short dance videos, and along with them I decided to enroll in NATFA "Krastyo Sarafov", where I am now a third year as a student. During this time I constantly shot short sketches, dance videos, tried to write scripts and over time I began to perceive myself as a person who is completely dedicated to art and in particular - cinema.


Director: Orlin Menkadzhiev

Screenplay: Victor Paskov, Orlin Menkadzhiev

Cinematography: Vesselin Menkadzhiev

Editing: Kasyiana Angelova

Music: Nayden Atanasov


Original title: Игра

Running time: 09'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bulgaria

Completion date: 2020