In the Woods

by Sara Grgurić

Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Croatia


Saša and Filip are traveling to Gorski Kotar. Isolated in the midst of the global pandemic, Saša starts to question their relationship. As her resistance towards Filip grows, her courage to say it crumbles.

Director's biography

Sara Grgurić was born in 1998 in Rijeka, Croatia. In 2020, she got her BA in film and television directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and enrolled in the MA in feature film directing. In The Woods is her undergraduate final film that won the NEST Award for Best Student Short Film at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.


Director: Sara Grgurić

Screenplay: Sara Grgurić

Cinematography: Frane Pamić

Editing: Marko Klajić


Original title: U šumi

Running time: 16'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Croatia

Completion date: 2020